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How We

Roaming Dogs Rescue was founded in May 2020  by Lucy Bell who worked in dog rescue for many years but realised there was an uplift in requests for help from owners of dogs that had been adopted from abroad. Lucy decided to launch RDR to be able to offer rescue back up to these dogs when they have nowhere else to turn to. 


Our primary mission is to support the dogs who have come to the UK from abroad and are struggling to adapt to their new environment. Often these dogs are fearful, anxious and have bitten so need rehabilitation before rehoming. 
Although we specialise in dogs from abroad, we offer support to dogs from all backgrounds and aim to prioritise our help to those dogs most at risk.

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Why Helping Other Organisations Is The Way Forward!

RDR believes that teaming up with other organisations, is the most effective way to help the highest number of dogs. Click the button below to find out  more about the overseas organisation RDR have chosen to help!

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Fancy doing some fundraising?

RDR are launching their new fundraising pack! Filled with useful hints, tips and resources to get you started!

Relinquish Request Form

In the position that you need to rehome your dog?

Complete RDR's Relinquish Request Form if you are in need to relinquish the rights to your dog, and allow RDR to find them a new forever home.