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You can not change a dogs past, but you can rewrite their future!

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The RDR Mission

Roaming Dogs Rescue focuses on providing dogs from abroad who are in the UK with rescue back up and rehabilitation when needed. Some dogs from over sea's struggle to adapt to a home environment and need experienced guidance before successful homing. 

We are currently in the process of creating a network of professional behaviorist's in the UK who will offer free advice and support for people who are expecting a new dog or are struggling to settle a new dog into their home.


At RDR we want to help tackle the issue at the source so we are now creating relationships with some wonderful neutering programmes abroad, who are dedicated to preventing more dogs from ending up in awful kill shelters and also limiting the influx of dogs coming to the UK with no rescue back up.


Thank you all for your support,

The RDR Team. 


Why Helping Other Organisations Is The Way Forward!

RDR believes that teaming up with other organisations, is the most effective way to help the highest number of dogs. Click the button below to find out  more about the overseas organisation RDR have chosen to help!

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Fancy doing some fundraising?

RDR are launching their new fundraising pack! Filled with useful hints, tips and resources to get you started!

Please note;

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, home checks will be carried out virtually, and a follow up check will be carried out by a member of the team once restrictions are eased.

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What's New?

RDR has some exciting new developments!

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How ever big or small, every donation helps massively, and is appreciated endlessly by the RDR team.

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