"You can do something big, or you can do something small. Because what ever you do...

Its better than doing nothing at all."

Running a rescue is a costly business. 

As well as covering the cost of our dogs' veterinary fees, their food, shelter and rehabilitation, we also aim to educate and raise awareness of the issues that can come with adopting a dog from overseas. A lot of these dogs have never been in a home or worn a lead, and this means they take a lot of time and support to settle into their new lives. 

We have no government funding and we rely solely on the generosity of people like you. We have been able to do great things thanks to people's kind donations but there are many more dogs still to help.

While dogs are still in their foster homes and under the care of RDR we cover the cost of all their veterinary fees. As a lot of the dogs we rescue come to us with issues needing long-term rehabilitation, these costs can quickly add up. Due to the uncertainty of Covid 19, we are unable to host fundraising events currently but we regularly host raffles and other such events over on our Facebook page.

You can help us to help more dogs by making a one off donation to our PayPal account using the Donate button below:





Roaming Dogs Rescue is a 100% Non Profit Organisation




When Blue came to us in May, his dew claws were very overgrown and were embedded in his pads causing him pain and leaving him vulnerable to infection. He also had mange, meaning his skin and fur were also in bad condition.

RDR got Blue the treatment he desperately needed, however, due to his fear aggression he needed sedating. Blue's veterinary fees were £504.00.


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All roles within the rescue are unpaid, voluntary positions. 

Any training required will be given by a member of the RDR team, but a good general knowledge of rescue dogs would be beneficial.

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