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Roaming Dogs Rescue believes that working along side other organisations is the best way to help win the fight against animal suffering. The more people there are working towards the same goal the better!


This is why Roaming Dogs Rescue have decided to support abroad organisations, who do excellent work, with little recognition or support. 


At present, RDR have  teamed up with a rescue in Romania. This organisation runs a spay and neutering program across Romania, helping towards the goal of preventing unwanted breeding, which leads to the suffering of both dogs and cats. 

For more information about Romania Animal Rescue, Inc DBA Animal Spay Neuter International please use the buttons below to take you to their website and Facebook page.

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Each unneutered dog can will keep on reproducing until their body no longer allows them too. There are already thousands of street dogs all over the world, not just Romania! The only way to stop the over population of these animals, is not by culling, as the remaining dogs will still be breeding and bringing the numbers up, plus interest!

The best way to reduce the number of street dogs is to target the source, breeding. By spaying and neutering dogs they can no longer produce offspring, which over time will bring the number of dogs down, much more effectively. With a lasting result. 

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"From 2004, Romania Animal Rescue have spayed/neutered over 87,456 dogs/cats, translating into millions of unwanted puppies and kittens saved from a miserable existence on the streets."