"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

~ Anatole France


Eva was a very timid girl when she came to us but thanks to lots of work from her foster mum, she has gained lots of confidence and has found her forever home!


Misty is a very lovable girl who is full of character! She really came into her own while in her foster home, and now she lives with a family that love her very much.


Ruby is a strong minded but very affectionate girl. She came to us with a few issues but after some work in her foster home she has now been adopted!


Bandit was only a pup when he came to RDR, but he wasn't with us long before a family fell in love with him and adopted him. He is a very nervous boy but his foster family put in some great work with him for a couple of months before his adoption.


Gorgeous little Cappuccino was rescued in Crete by Amber's Hope Rescue and made his way to the UK to RDR.

He was snapped up quickly because of his loving, sweet nature and we wish him all the best in his new forever home.


Millie wasn't with us for very long before she found just the right family for her!

She now has a loving family of four to fuss over her, which is just the way she likes it.


Blue came to us back in May along with Danika. He is a very big boy who has a lot of issues he is working on but he has found the perfect home with a patient couple who let him adjust to his new environment on his terms.


Ted came to us from the same home as Misty and Millie, and it wasn't long before he was snapped up!

He is such a lovable character who has changed his new dad's life.


Rico is a very sweet little chap who arrived at RDR in early July.

He has some anxiety issues that we are working on with him but he is making great progress. He is gaining confidence outside and learning to build relationships with people. Rico has recently gone to live in his forever home.


Chip has landed on his paws and has now officially been adopted by his foster dad, who just could not bare to see him go! 


Minnie came to RDR as a long term foster. With lots of TLC from her amazing foster mum Alex, she has now landed firmly on all 4 paws in her new home with her new brother Buddy. 


Ginnie had a miserable start in life as a stray in Romania who had given birth to puppies on the streets. She was untouchable when she first arrived and was so shut down. 54 days rehabilitation in foster with Alex from RDR, and she is now ready to move to her forever home for good Ginnie and new brother Buddy are a match made in heaven and she has settled in quicker than we ever imagined. Her new family are amazing and adore her so much, she is one lucky little pup!

We would also like to thank Ginnie's new family for their very generous donation to RDR. It will be used to support other dogs like Ginnie who are in desperate need of help.


Handsome Buddy came to us as an emergency case with a bite history. Vicky & Leigh offered to foster him for us with such short notice and took every bit of advice to help him with his issues. Buddy has progressed so well and they decided that they just couldn't let him go.

We love a failed foster story, especially when a match is as perfect as this

Enjoy your happy ever after Buddy!


The lovely Chase has recently been neutered, and has officially been adopted! We wish this lovely boy all the luck in the world as he begins the next chapter of his life.


Nova has been adopted by new family, and is ready to enjoy the rest of her life in the perfect home. She is already best friends with her new sister Leah and has new doggy friends too! Including RDR boy Rico!

Good girl Nova.


Tasha has been officially adopted!

Tasha has been in foster for over a month, she has formed a strong bond with her mum and dad and they couldn't let her go.

She is the most gentle and loyal girl and she is absolutely adored by her humans.

They have worked so hard to get Tasha fitter in order to help her osteoarthritis and it is working!

Thank you to Tasha's fosters, AKA- forever parents!



Kira is a 4 year old Labrador Retriever who joined the RDR family as an emergency handover. Kira had issues living within the pack at home and her owners were worried for the immediate safety of Kira and the other dogs so made the difficult decision to rehome her. For this reason, Kira underwent an assessment period along with a training plan in her foster home. Kira has now been adopted as the only dog in the household and if flourishing with her new owners.


Gorgeous Nell joined RDR a couple of weeks ago and has aced her assessment period. Nell's new owners absolutely adore her and have done everything right to help build up her confidence. Today, she became an official member of the family

Dale (Mc2)

Dale (formerly MC²) came to us with both bite history and long term medical issues and was facing possible euthanasia at just 11 months old.

A family we know and trust offered to foster Dale for us and he immediately stole their hearts! His issues didn't put them off at all and they are committed to supporting him no matter what it takes. Today he was made a permanent member of the family  we will be forever grateful to Dale's new owners for giving this boy a second chance.

Congratulations Pup, enjoy your happy ever after


Oscar joined us at the beginning of the year. Originally from Macedonia, he lived the most miserable life as a stray and even once rescued, was attacked and injured by his kennel mates in public shelter. He was bought over to the UK by another rescue but due to his trauma, was displaying signs of fear aggression in the home so came to us for rehabilitation and also some much needed vetinary treatment. He has been through so much

Once Oscar had undergone some rehab in kennels, he was fostered by one of our amazing supporters, Val, and her family. Val has fostered dogs for us before and is always 100% dedicated to them, no matter what their issues may be. She has worked with Oscar through his trust issues, followed all guidance we have given and he has blossomed in her care. So much so that Val just couldn't let him go and has officially made him part of the family

The adoption has left us in tears of happiness. This is the most perfect outcome for Oscar. He deserves all the happiness in the world and more. 

Enjoy your happy ever after boy


Neko has done  amazing in his new home and so he has been officially adopted! Neko has grown into a lovely boy and his new family have done so well with him. Enjoy your happy ever after handsome boy.


Greta has been adopted ...

...by Alex & her family themselves! What a perfect failed foster story!

Greta has been with us for almost 2 months now. Originally rescued from a shelter in Romania, Greta came to us to learn to adjust to home life after living on the streets. Although Greta still needs to gain more confidence on walks, she has progressed so well with her rehabilitation and is at the stage where she would be starting to look for a new family. It is at this point that Alex and her family decided they just could not let her go!

Thank you to all who have supported Greta on her journey. She is now an official RDR admin dog and the first RDR dog to be adopted by one of our own team.

Congratulations Greta Enjoy your happy ever after gorgeous girl