Our handsome boy Scooby has done amazing with his rehabilitation. He is a completely different dog to the one who arrived with us a couple of months ago. This said, his training will need to be continued with his potential new owners to prevent him reverting back to his old ways.

Scooby was originally adopted from Hungary but started to become reactive to people, dogs and vehicles and his owners were struggling to manage him. Lucy has worked wonders with this boy in kennels and he is now ready for the next stage of his journey. He is around 4 years old and is neutered.

We are open to both foster only offers and foster with view to adopt. We would love to find this boy his forever home

Scooby needs owners/fosterers who;

  • Will continue with his training. Full support and advice available. Scooby LOVES to learn!

  • Live close to the BB18 area or are willing to travel for regular meets.

  • Have no pets or children.

Homechecks apply. Please get in touch for more information.



Our new girl Pippa came into rescue as an emergency handover so she had to go straight into kennels. However, due to her past, Pippa has developed obsessive behaviours around lights and shadows to relieve her frustrations and kennels really isn't the best place to be able to rehabilitate her. We are in desperate need of a foster home for her. We will also accept a foster home with view to adopt. Pippa needs a home that;

  • Has people at home most of the day.

  • Is in the North West UK.

  • Has owners committed to her training/rehabilitation (Full support will be given).

  • Can offer Pippa plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

  • Has no young resident children (may possibly consider dog savvy children aged 14+).

Pippa is good with other dogs and has lived with a cat. Due to Pippa's anxious energy, any resident dog will have to be secure in their own behaviours ie not anxious themselves or reactive. Pippa is not yet spayed so cannot be rehomed where there is an entire male dog. Experience with deaf dogs is preferable but not essential.


Danika is in a long-term foster home with our founder, Lucy while she acclimatises to living in a home with people. She has come from Romania and has made huge progress since joining RDR.

Danika came to us with mange and was not in the best condition but has responded very well to treatment and enjoys the company of Lucy's other rescue dogs. Danika has progressed from being terrified of human contact to loving tickles and having her face scratched and Lucy is now working on getting her comfortable around her collar and lead. She is not currently ready to be adopted.


RDR sanctuary Dog



Scooby is reactive to people, dogs and cars, he seems to be doing well with people and so today I brought the Admin dogs to meet him. At first there was lunging, barking and growling but by the end he was instigating play with the others.

It is clear Scooby has never been well socialised and we have no history of his life in Hungary as he was brought to the UK by another rescue in December 2020.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on socialising Scooby and his impulse control, he has unfortunately gotten into the 'habit' of lunging straight away if he feels threatened and so we need to show him a new behaviour to replace the lunging. He also needs plenty lead training!



Marley is a 1 year old staffie who recently joined the RDR family through no fault of her own. Marley is a very sweet natured girl, with heaps of love to give. 


Under Assessment

Billy's previous owners reached out for our help after trying relentlessly to improve his behaviour. With young children in the home and little improvement even after multiple sessions with a behaviourist, they realised what Billy needed was a change of environment where his behaviour could be worked on calmly and safely. Billy has come from a very loving home so please no negative comments.

Billy is very human aggressive, especially with strangers. He is also reactive around most dogs. He easily gets over stimulated and his energy is quite quickly directed through biting.

We have found Billy a wonderful foster home and he seems to be settling well.

We will be working closely with Billy, rehabilitating him from his foster home. We know this boy comes with some deeply engrained behavioural issues but we can also see the potential in him and can't wait to see him progress.



Stella was originally adopted from Spain by her previous owners however she has struggled to adapt to home life and has started to display anxiety and reactivity. Stella will sometimes direct her anxieties through aggression and has bitten a few of the family members. Her family have done the right thing in handing her over to us as Stella needs full rehabilitation to overcome her issues. We don't believe Stella is an aggressive dog, we believe that she is misunderstood, confused and frustrated.

Stella will spend the start of her rehab in kennels where she can decompress away from a busy household. Lucy will work with Stella from kennels until she is ready to be placed in a foster home.

Isn't she absolutely beautiful


Under Assessment

Rico is a 7 month old American Bulldog that has joined the RDR family today due to no fault of his own.

This pup is an absolute treasure! He is a little underweight due to a recent stomach illness which he has now fully recovered from so we will soon see some condition back on him. Other than that, he is very happy and healthy! He is going to grow to be a very big boy!

Rico has gone into one of our trusted foster homes for his assessment period so is currently not available for adoption.



we have welcomed a very special girl to the RDR family. Pippa is a 3 year old Collie who has come to us in emergency circumstances. This beautiful girl has some special needs as not only does she require some rehabilitation for obsessive behaviours, but this girl is also completely deaf so will need a very different approach to her training.


Roaming Dogs Rescue does not have a kennel base, meaning we are always on the look out for foster homes so we can help as many dogs as possible. We do sometimes have to resort to securing a boarding kennel space, which is charged by the day and can be very expensive.


Could you offer a patient, loving foster home to a dog awaiting adoption? Complete the form below and a member of the RDR team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Roaming Dogs Rescue will start the process off by conducting a home check. You will be required to fill out a home check application form, which will then be processed by the RDR admin team. Once your home check has been allocated to one of our home checkers you will receive a phone call, with any follow up questions and maybe some additional questions to ensure RDR has all the information it needs to further process your application. An RDR home checker will arrange to visit your home, where we will check that all the information we have is correct and assess your property and home lifestyle (please note; this is only to ensure that we can match the right dog to your family).

Upon successful completion of your home check, you will be placed on the foster list, and you will be contacted when a dog is needed to be placed in your care. RDR will contact you with the details of the dogs needing a foster space and discuss with you which one would be the best fit for you.  

Roaming Dogs Rescue cover all costs incurred by the dog. All veterinary costs, flea and worming treatments and food are all covered by RDR. You will be given the full support of the RDR team, day or night for anything you are having trouble with.

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What our existing fosterers have to say

Sleeping Dogs


Supporting a dog on their journey to finding a forever family then offering that space to help another is the most rewarding feeling i have ever experienced!


Fostering is hard as you get attached, but knowing you have healed that dog and helped them on their journey makes it worth while!


Fostering for RDR has been the hardest but most rewarding thing i have done so far. Helping a dog in need and seeing them thrive in your care is the best feeling in the world.